Obsolete equipment is disassembled, sorted, packaged and shipped to local and regional recyclers who maintain zero-landfill policies.

SRG launched in 2012 to handle the growing demand for recycling electronics (e-waste).  We've spent the last 5 years fine -tuning the process and establishing relationships with eco-friendly local and regional recyclers, to make the process safe and efficient in our communities.  SRG assists business and individuals with asset disposal and/or recovery.

Electronics Recycling

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Why use srg?


• Recyclables that can be put back into meaningful and cost-effective use are given to local non-profit organizations and individuals in need.
• Equipment that is broken but can be repaired are sold at cost to cover repairs or replacement parts.
• Obsolete  items are disassembled, sorted, packaged and shipped to local and regional recyclers.  SRG’s regional recyclers institute zero-landfill policies — everything is refined and 100% reused.

We moved! Our new location is on the edge of downtown, on the corner of 1st Avenue and Kline Street.

SRG will schedule on-site removal of your equipment, which does not need to be prepped or sorted.  At your request, HDD removal for secure destruction can be conducted on-site before removal.

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